BIM Services for the Construction Industry

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BIM: Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a way of working with data and information related to the construction projects.

A bid stage model
Early BIM Model

BIM Services for construction industry is a powerful tool that can bring together the information related to the entire life cycle of a project onto a common platform. BIM supports easy interoperability, flexibility, and facilitates customization. It ensures the best returns on your investments by saving time and aiding the successful execution of your project.

BIM Services by SANRIA:

SANRIA offers a collaborative means of working with the whole chain of organizations involved in the construction industry. We have integrated our years of experience in engineering and detailing of steel in buildings with the latest in the software world. Our services extend right from the conceptual beginning at the Architects office to the close out of the project by the construction contractors.

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Why Sanria:

Traditionally, the business world has been missing the elements of engineering and managerial decision capabilities within most software environments. This has changed since the introduction of pragmatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The advent of AI & ML has greatly transformed the way the industry deploys technology in the workflow.

Sanria has made deep forays in the areas of AI & ML and applied them to the construction industry, so as to reduce the pains in the process.

At the heart of the whole process is our software that functions using the knowledge gathered at SANRIA over the last 18 years. We use our in-house software extensively in all stages of the project. Beginning with the input from the Architect, we build a Revit model using the necessary information for the steel frame. Then we generate connection design and apply the connections simultaneously using this software.

Our in-house software is capable of its own engineering decisions regarding the feasibility of the connections very similar to what an experienced engineer would do. Except that it is much faster and not prone to human errors. The processing hygiene makes the information output far more reliable than the traditional way of working. When it encounters an infeasible connection, it also generates the necessary information for RFI preparation.