‘As-Built Engineering’ Service Offerings

SANRIA has extensive experience with large & medium size As-Built Engineering projects, for Oil & Gas Industry, and also updating the engineering records & drawings to match the conditions in the field ( for both onshore and offshore projects). Ourengieers are highly skilled in both the traditional techniques such as manual survey and redlining, as well as the latest technology such as laser scanning.

SANRIA’s as-built engineering activities include:

Activities Supported:

  • Site survey, Laser scanning.
  • Site Verification.
  • Processing and Merging.
  • 3D Cloud modeling.
  • 3D intelligent Modeling
  • 2D/ CAD Detailing
  • 2D-3D Tag data comparison

Used for:

  • As-is documentation
  • Revamp/ Relocation
  • Retrofit, Decommissioning
  • Asset Management
  • Statutory requirements


  • 3D Cloud Model
  • 3D Intelligent PDMS/SP3D Model
  • Intelligent P&IDs
  • 2D Drawings
  • 2D-3D Tag data reports